Online shops you might not know about


Bias Supply

Bias Supply has a cool range of chic and casual clothing, with basic and statement pieces at a mid price point, rad shoes and everything is the perfect amount of minimal.

Bias Supply

Minty Jungle

Minty Jungle is the complete opposite to Bias Supply, it is covered in trend heavy pieces, it is kind of off-putting but if you rummage you can find those acceptable trends to play with. It is definitely quantity over quality.

Minty Jungle

Runway Bandits

Runway Bandits is similar to Asos where you have a range of solid pieces for every occasions, saying that the site does have a girly feel, it is kind of the every girl site. Not to fashion forward but not to off trend.

Runway Bandits


Sheinside is a random collection of affordable clothing, it is based in china so it also has the quantity over quality mentality, but boy oh boy does it have everything under the sun plus on your first order you get 20% off!


Young Hungry Free

And finally Young Hungry Free has every staple piece you will need, quirky statement pieces and also more rad shoes.

Young Hungry Free

Get your Debit cards ready! Ps I am not responsible for any empty bank account.. Sorry! Have Fun!



  1. Yay! Thanks Kate. Yet another reason for me to go online shopping.

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